About Our firm 

Business2Banker Connection, Inc., a financing strategy firm, provides clients with valuable insights that meet lender expectations. Our strategic approach empowers business owners by building a firm foundation which is essential to obtaining and maintaining access to capital. We develop and implement effective best practices that lead to loan approvals and funding success.

We fully understand the financing requirements of new borrowers as well as seasoned borrowers in need of expansion capital. Our lending experience enables us to handle the true complexities of the funding process. Business2Banker Connection strives to provide solutions that positively influence the lending outcome in the clients favor. Our ultimate goal is to develop strategies that help you win, now and in the future.


   Anita Davis,   President, Business2Banker Connection, Inc.    

 Anita Davis, President, Business2Banker Connection, Inc.


As a thriving business banker, Anita Davis helped clients obtain millions of dollars to fund business growth. Throughout her twenty-year career, she received world class training from the most recognized names in the banking industry. Anita served as a business advocate, navigating the lending process with clients at SunTrust, Colonial, BB&T and Chase Banks. Her diverse clientele ranged from entrepreneurs, controllers, CFO’s, CEO’s and presidents.

Anita attributes her funding strategy achievements to her 30-year practice of Christian values and philosophies. Her belief in Godly wisdom and direction is paramount in her decision making process and serves as a compass for success. The not-so-secret formula, Anita says, “is the application of faith based principles to business strategy. Providing our clients with a clear understanding of the lending process and understanding of their business financials from the perspective of a lender is wisdom that can be used year after year. Incorporating faith practices in daily business affairs can ensure success throughout the business lifecycle.” Anita’s mission is to cultivate the ideal lending candidate by imparting wisdom and knowledge that will ultimately strengthen their companies financially.

“Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore, get wisdom. And in all your getting, get understanding.” Proverbs 4:7.