Our Founder: 


As a thriving business banker, Anita Davis helped clients obtain millions of dollars to fund business growth. Throughout her twenty-year career, she received world class training from the most recognized names in the banking industry. Anita served as a business advocate, navigating the lending process with clients at SunTrust, Colonial, BB&T and Chase Banks. Her diverse clientele ranged from entrepreneurs, controllers, CFO’s, CEO’s and presidents.

As an expert on funding strategies, Anita's faith and belief in Godly wisdom serves as a compass for success. It is her guide to building better lending clients through wisdom, faith, tools, and processes. 

“Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore, get wisdom. And in all your getting, get understanding.” Proverbs 4:7.


We took a not so scientific poll of family, friends, co-workers, church members, leadership affiliations and other community affiliates. We asked the question, “Using five words - Who do you say that I am?” It turns out, I’m pretty fabulous! (Just kidding) 

These descriptions are the most common across each group in the poll.

  • Trustworthy | Honest | Integrity 
  • Knowledgeable | Intelligent | Wise| Smart 
  • Faithful | God Fearing | Christian
  • Brave | Courageous | Risk Taker 
  • Driven | Focused 
  • Caring | Loving | Kind 


Business2Banker Connection was divinely inspired and created from trust and obedience to the leading of the holy spirit. The shift occurred, which led me out of corporate life and into entrepreneurship and service to my clients.        “I will create a new thing out of nothing” (Romans 4:17) 

In my corporate experience, I would have felt compelled to keep this inspiration to myself. Some you shouldn’t co-mingle business and faith, for fear you will turn people off. However, I believe what you learn about our faith will resonate well with. I’m confident that will want to know the core value system from which our firm operates. 

Our firm will empower and equip business leaders with strategic lending knowledge and faith based wisdom to strengthen, grow and scale their companies. 

 Anita Davis, President, Business2Banker Connection, Inc.

Anita Davis, President, Business2Banker Connection, Inc.