Does your growing company have a funding strategy? Is finding access to capital frustrating you? Do you understand your lender’s risk appetite toward your business or industry?

Business2Banker Connection, Inc. offers two service plan levels to meet client needs. Our New Borrower Basics service helps improve your odds for a win by providing you with a resource rich toolkit. The Seasoned Borrower plan is customized to address the uniqueness of each company's circumstances by providing strategies to address the complexities and challenges of maintaining and increasing capital for your business. 

Seasoned Borrower

Every business has its own unique circumstances once they become a Seasoned Borrower. There are many tactical strategies you need to be aware of, to maintain unfettered access to capital. We provide you with strategies to navigate through the lending process. 

Seasoned Borrowers utilize our firm's expertise to help: 

  • Develop a funding strategy for your growing business

  • Position the business for an upcoming annual financial review or loan renewal   

  • Understand key loan ratios (Deep Dive Financial Review)

  • Ensure compliance with loan covenants and loan agreements

  • Prepare for new funding requests (Financial SWOT Analysis)

  • Upgrade to a better banking relationship  

  • Learn what to do after a decline

  • Discover alternative funding options

  • Connect with strategic funding partners - Regional limitations may apply

New Borrower Basics

Let us help you understand lending basic requirements before requesting financial support. We give you the "inside scoop" on lending guidelines and prepare you to navigate the lending process.

The New Borrower Basics toolkit will help you:

  • Learn the Financing Fundamentals 101 (Navigating through the lending process)

  • Develop your business financing profile

  • Understand quality financial statements   

  • Know the impact your personal financial status has on business loan decisions
  • Understand loan structures (What to request - loans, lines, or leases)

  • Determine how to select a good funding partner for your business

  • Utilize faith and wisdom keys with your business strategy



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